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New York Mastiff Dogs for Adoption
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Rescue Me ID: 17-10-17-00272Rodolfo (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Young Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Not Good w/ Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Low Energy, Submissive 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current, Mange (Demodectic) 

    This handsome puppy is Rodolfo. He was born March 28 of 2017 and is still very much a puppy. He has an unknown past, as he was shipped here from Mexico in October 2017 just to be put on Craigslist to be sold recklessly the same day. We stepped in to make sure he ends up in the right hands instead of with people who would see his ears and think he would make a good guard dog or fighting dog. Ro is a big baby who loves to cuddle and give kisses. He is going to be between 75-90 lbs fully grown, and we think he is a pit bull/cane corso mix. He loves people and other dogs. He loves cats too, but a bit too much so for their safety we've decided ... (Read More)to place him in a home without cats. He is perfectly crate trained and never has an accident in his crate! He is low energy and mellow and after a short walk or trip to the dog park he is happy to lay in your lap and fall asleep. He had demodex mange when he came to us but is receiving ongoing treatment for this and his skin has greatly improved! Ro has some unknown special needs at this point because he has an extra clumsy gait. His back legs move a bit exaggerated as he runs and sometimes he falls a bit. We have done full body X-Rays and had him examined by a neurologist and all exams have come back completely normal! The verdict at this point is that he just moves a little differently from most dogs, but as long as this does not become more pronounced no further care is necessary. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $350 Animal Location:

Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Westchester County White Plains, NY 10607 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 133Baxter (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Young Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Needs to be Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    10 lbs of pure cuteness! My name is Baxter, and even though I think my picture says it all, I'd like to include that I'm as cuddly as can be, think everyone I meet is my new BFF, love to run and play, and promise to be a perfect new member of one lucky family. I'm only 8 weeks old, so my Long Island foster mom says I definitely need a home where someone is around to teach my proper puppy etiquette. I'm also a super cool breed....1/2 Lab and 1/2 Argentine Dodo (so yes, I'll be a big, smart boy!). I'm vaccinated and microchipped, and my adoption will be finalized upon neuter. My adoption fee is $450. To adopt me, please submit an app: ... (Read More) (Less)

     Animal Location:

Ollie's Angels Animal Rescue
New York County GREENLAWN, NY 11740 MAP IT!


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Rescue Me ID: 17-10-10-00232Rock (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Adults (Not Kids) 
Personality: Average Energy, Somewhat Dominant 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Rock is looking for his forever home having been failed by his humans. He has been formerly trained and requires a strong leader as he becomes overprotective and can become dominant. He has been cat tested and is ok with most dogs but slow intros as usual should be performed. He has been around kids but I don't think he's had much interaction with them. He is quite the mush and loves to cuddle with his person. Will that be you? His current adopter lied on her application and he cannot stay in the townhouse he moved to in July. The landlord is threatening to call animal control! Please only serious adopters. All references will be called ... (Read More)and a home visit will be performed. Adoption fee will include a trainer to help acclimate i=him in to your home. The amount is a rough estimate for that service. It may be less dependent on where you are located. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: 300. Animal Location:

Queens County Brooklyn, NY 11418 MAP IT!

Joan Welsch 516 446-0513

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Rescue Me ID: 17-10-04-00263Lilith (female)

Mastiff    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Very Submissive 
Health: Needs to be Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    In search of a forever home for Lilith! %9D%A4%8F Who'd love a really beautiful very well behaved and trained 7yr.old purebred Italian Blue Cane Corso Mastiff to become part of their family! 100+ pounds of pure love, she thinks she's a small lap dog and loves to cuddles too! Adoption fee negotiable to the right owner!

 Adoption Fee: $200 Animal Location:

Queens County Maspeth, NY 11378 MAP IT!

Brian Langergaard 7184967997

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Animal ID: Run 8Hercules (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good with Female Dogs Only, Good with Adults (Not Kids) 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Hercules is between 18 and 24 months, we estimate...He does act like a puppy sometimes...He's about 90 lbs and a little underweight..although he is sometimes submissive to humans. He needs a strong leader,who has had prior Mastiff experience, and who will give him rules,structure and boundaries...He's very playful, loves to run and is often seen carrying a tennis ball in his mouth...Hercules came in as a stray so we have no backstory

     Animal Location:

New York County Yonkers, NY MAP IT!

Leslie M 201-981-3215

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Rescue Me ID: 17-07-30-00318Fry (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Adults (Not Kids) 
Personality: Average Energy 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Here at Adopt-A-Dog, Fry serves the role of gentle giant very well. Still a young pup (he's only 7 months old, if you can believe it), Fry has a lot of learning and growing to do. His last few months have been a bit topsy-turvy as he found himself on our doorstep due to his owner no longer being able to take care of him. We have been hard at work since Fry joined us to help expose him to new experiences and people and to start working on his manners. Even though he is quite a goofball (he loves to chase and eat bubbles), Fry is quick on the uptake and learns new skills pretty fast. You should have seen his face when he realized he could not ... (Read More)only chase bubbles, but catch them too. All this big guy needs in a home is a willingness to get slobbered on followed by tons of comfortable places to sleep and stretch out. We know that this not-so-small Fry is ready for his new family. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $225 Animal Location:

Adopt-A-Dog, Inc.
23 Cox Avenue
New York County Armonk, NY 10504 MAP IT!

Adopt-A-Dog Animal Shelter: 914-273-1674

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Rescue Me ID: 17-05-01-00515Teddy (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Neutered 

    Teddy is a very sweet and loving dog who at the drop of a hat is on his back for belly rubs. Loves kidd and adults but has some fear of grown men if they are loud. He's very smart getting out of crate's and openin gnome doors. He was raised with his male litter mate and recently they started fighting. Not food aggressive but does growl if cornered when he's done something wrong. Is a counter and table serfer so nothing is safe! Loves to climb up on the bed with his head on your lap and hang out with his person. We're moving and can not take him. He needs a new home with lots of running space, someone with herding dog experience to provide ... (Read More)training and a warm bed with his person. Was raised with a dominant female Chihuahua but not good with smaller or bigger male dogs. Fine with cats. Crate trained for night time. Adoption fee to make sure he's not going to be a bait dog!!! He needs a loving home!!!!! (Less)

     Animal Location:

Suffolk County Medford, NY MAP IT!

Karri Reinert

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Rescue Me ID: 16-12-10-00108Negan (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Adults (Not Kids) 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    It's a common trend to compare our dogs to either ourselves, celebrities or people we know. When it comes to Negan, it's not too much of a stretch to conjure the image of a popular jock. If Negan was in high school, he would play about 4 sports and be great at all of them. To add to this mental image, Negan is a big guy who hasn't realized that he's not a puppy anymore (imagine a lot of tripping over his own paws in the yard). Negan is dog, cat, and even bird-friendly and has a heart of pure gold. To his friends, both human and canine, Negan is overtly affectionate and sometimes slobbery in his attentions. Negan has been learning and ... (Read More)excelling at our in-shelter training program since he arrived on our doorstep and has definitely disproved the 'dumb jock' stereotype with his progress. A perfect day for Negan would be to wake up and have a playdate with one of his friends (preferably his partner-in-crime Wally), followed by a long car ride and followed by going to sleep in a cozy bed with a tasty bone waiting for him. If you would like to go on adventures with the best canine partner out there, please fill out the online application here: (Less)

     Animal Location:

Adopt-A-Dog, Inc.
23 Cox Avenue
New York County Armonk, NY 10504 MAP IT!

Adopt-A-Dog Animal Shelter: 914-273-1674

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Rescue Me ID: 16-10-13-00439Sackett (male)

Mastiff Mix    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Not Good w/ Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Very Submissive 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current, Fearful/Anxious 

    Sackett is a sweet boy who just wants the love and approval of people he can call his own.%BD%A0 Sackett has had quite a rollercoaster ride in his short 2 years of life which has left him with some anxiety.%BD%A0 Sackett needs a little time to warm up to new people, but once he does, he just wants to give all his love, kisses and hugs.%BD%A0 Sackett needs a furever home that can provide him with the patience, love and understanding he needs to help quell his anxiety.%BD%A0 Sackett is truly a great boy, he just needs that special someone or family to help him understand that he will be loved and can trust.%BD%A0 Sackett is dog ... (Read More)selective but can definitely have a dog companion if given the proper introduction and time so that he can feel that he can trust a canine companion too. Please share his story and if his sounds like the right fit for your family, please consider giving him a home! Sackett's Bio: Gender / Age:%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0 Male / 2 Years%BD%A0 Color: %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 Black with Brown & White Markings%BD%A0 Weight:%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A060 lbs%BD%A0 Good with Kids:%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0 Yes Good with Dogs:%BD%A0%BD%A0 Selective, Needs Proper Intro,%BD%A0No Small Dogs Good with Cats:%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0 No Housebroken: %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 Yes%BD%A0 Crate Trained: %BD%A0 %BD%A0 %BD%A0 Yes%BD%A0 Resource Guards: Yes, With Some Toys Manners:%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0%BD%A0 Sit, Place, Stay, Come, Stay/Release for Food For More Information: You can visit for adoption information and applications. If you have specific questions about Sackett, please feel free to reach out to his foster mom (Less)

     Animal Location:

Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, Inc.
Broome County Binghamton, NY 13902 MAP IT!


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PIease Read Before Adopting a Mastiff in New York
    Mastiff Dogs can make good pets in New York if they match your IifestyIe. The Old English Mastiff is a massive breed. Mastiffs are very gentle toward their families. This is an intelligent, protective breed that makes a good guard dog but is unlikely to attack unless severely provoked. Mastiffs behave well with children but should be watched with little ones because of their large size. Mastiffs need gentle training and socialization from an early age. Mastiffs can live in an apartment or a home with a small yard.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
lnteresting Mastiff Trivia Low-Cost New York Spay & Neuter Clinics
    Male Old English Mastiffs can weigh over 200 pounds! Mastiffs have been in England since the days of the Roman Empire. Mastiffs were used in arena combat in the Roman Empire.

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